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History of ICGIPs

ICGIP 2015

The best presentations in ICGIP 2015 were announced.

Session 1:
Object Recognition Based on Google’s Reverse Image Search and Image Similarity
By András Horváth, Peter Pazmany Catholic University, Hungary
Session 2:
Error Image Aware Content Restoration
By Sungwoo Choi, Korean Broadcasting System, Korea


Session 3:
Adaptive Segmentation of Nuclei in H&E Stained Tendon Microscopy
By Bo-I Chuang, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Session 4:
Self-Learning Vehicle Detection and Tracking from UAVs
By Xiyan Chen, Loughborough University, UK

Session 5:
A Novel Laser-vision Combined Approach to Indoor Robot Pose Estimation
By Juan Li, Technical University of Madrid, Spain
Session 6:
A Stochastic Model for the Size of Worm Origin
By Tala Tafazzoli, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran