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Call for papers

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Topics of interest for submission include any topics on Graphic and Image Processing.


Track 1: Fundamentals and methods of image processing 图像处理基础及方法
Discrete Cosine Transforms 离散余弦变换
Discrete Hilbert Transforms 离散希尔伯特变换
Fuzzy Logic Applications in Signal Processing 模糊逻辑在信号处理中的应用
Image segmentation 图像分割
Pattern recognition and analysis 模式识别与分析
Spectral Analysis 光谱分析
Wavelet Transforms 小波变换
Coding and Transmission 编码与传输
Color and texture 颜色和质地
Object and Scene Recognition 对象和场景识别
Face recognition, face detection, and gesture recognition 人脸识别,人脸检测和手势识别
Graphics algorithms and applications 图形算法和应用
Biometrics 生物识别
Image feature extraction 图像特征提取
Track 2: Image acquisition and analysis 图像采集与分析
3-D and Surface Reconstruction 3-D和表面重建
Detection and Estimation of Signal Parameters 信号参数的检测与估计
Filter Design 过滤器设计
Fast Fourier Transforms 快速傅立叶变换
Filter Design and Structures 过滤器设计与结构
FIR Filters FIR滤波器
IIR Filters IIR滤波器
Image acquisition 图像采集
Motion Detection 运动检测
Multi-channel Filtering 多通道过滤
Multiple Filtering and Filter Banks 多个过滤器和过滤器组
Compressive Sensing 压缩感测
Multi-view Reconstruction 多视图重建
Medical Image Analysis 医学图像分析
Image Acquisition and Display 图像采集与显示
Track 3: Computer vision and visualization 计算机视觉及可视化
Super-resolution imaging 超分辨率成像
Video Signal Processing 视频信号处理
Visualization 可视化
Motion and Video Analysis 运动和视频分析
Tracking and Surveillance 追踪与监视
Physics-based Vision 基于物理的视觉
Computer art and entertainment (including games) 计算机艺术和娱乐(包括游戏)
Graph theory in image processing and vision 图像处理和视觉中的图论
Vision-based Graphics 基于视觉的图形
Image and Video Matting 图像和视频抠图
Rendering Techniques 渲染技术
Modeling and Animation 建模与动画
Real-time Graphics 实时图形
Human-Computer Interfaces 人机界面
Image and Video Processing & Analysis 图像和视频处理与分析
Image data structures for computer graphics 计算机图形学的图像数据结构
Track 4: Computer graphics and image processing 计算机图形学与影像处理
3D imaging 3D成像
Texture, Shape, and Color 纹理,形状和颜色
Restoration, Super Resolution 恢复,超分辨率
Computational geometry 计算几何
Computer animation 电脑动画
Fractal geometry and applications 分形几何及其应用
Illumination and reflection techniques 照明和反射技术
Computational Imaging and Displays 计算成像与显示
Document Image Analysis 文件影像分析
Remote Sensing 遥感
Image Formation 图像形成
Image geometry and multi-view geometry 图像几何和多视图几何
Image Scanning, Display, and Printing 图像扫描,显示和打印
Track 5: Image information security and management 图像信息安全与管理
Content-based Image retrieval 基于内容的图像检索
Watermarking 数字水印
Image and Video Retrieval 图像和视频检索
Image storage and leaks 图像存储与泄密
Image authentication 图像身份验证
Image encryption technology 图像加密技术
Image recognition and authentication 图像识别与认证
Image encoding and compression 图像编码和压缩
Track 6: Digital image processing and Application 数字图像处理及应用
Digital Signal Processing 数字信号处理
Medical image processing 医学图像处理
Radar Image Processing 雷达图像处理
Sonar Image Processing 声纳图像处理
Digital Multimedia Broadcasting 数字多媒体广播
Image & Signal Processing Applications 图像和信号处理应用
Image generation, acquisition, and processing 图像生成,获取和处理
Image-based modeling and algorithms 基于图像的建模和算法
Immersive virtual reality 沉浸式虚拟现实
Integration of virtual reality and multimedia 虚拟现实与多媒体的集成
Interactive digital media 互动数字媒体
Knowledge-based recognition 基于知识的识别
Audio, Image, Video processing 音频,图像,视频处理
Virtual and Augmented Reality 虚拟和增强现实
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